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Provost’s Professional Experience Program

The Provost's Professional Experience (PEP) Program provides students meaningful on-campus employment opportunities for career development.

Students gain professional development experience closely aligned with their major through research enrichment and other work opportunities.

Program Details

*** The 2024-25 Academic Year PEP job request window is now open. All current PEP positions have been moved to the next Academic Year. However, you must take action and SUBMIT again for consideration. You may request new positions as well during this time. The deadline for all requests is May 31, 2024. Notices of approval will be communicated late June.

Hiring departments can locate PEP Central in MyPack by navigating to PEP Central underneath the navigation bar > Admin Services > PEP Central

If access is required, ask your department’s SAR administrator to request the “FA PEP Job Administrator” role in SIS.

  • Available to degree-seeking, NC State undergraduate students only
  • All positions must have prior approval through PEP Central
  • Work is allowed during breaks within each term AND in between the fall and spring semesters. However, if the student is graduating in December or not enrolled in the fall & spring terms they cannot work in between semesters
  • Earnings per students are $1,000 fall semester, $1,000 spring semester or $2,000 academic year
  • Summer PEP funding is not available
  • Funding distribution split is 75% Provost – 25% department/college/unit
  • Students can only hold one PEP position per term
  • Funds are student and term specific
  • Hourly pay wage is minimum $7.25 – maximum $15.00
  • Vouchers and Hire Actions must be completed prior to students start date

Current PEP positions do not automatically renew. Each year, you must Review/Modify your current position(s) in PEP Central and submit them again for consideration.

The position request deadline is May 31, with approvals communicated in early summer.

A PEP Job Administrator can only submit new position requests in your department during the request window. How to submit a new job request.

The PEP Job Administrator can list those who hire/manage PEP students for your department or unit. The department/college/unit must take action, coordinate their internal process, and disseminate information promptly.

Login to MyPack Portal > Admin Services > PEP Central

Ask your department’s SAR administrator to request the “FA PEP Job Administrator” role in SIS if access is required.

Once a position request has been submitted, the Primary Contact and person submitting the request will be sent an approval notification.

If Approved

Advertise and manage your student selection and hiring process according to your preference. One option for advertising and collecting applications is using the campus-wide ePACK system. All students have access to this system used to link students to employment opportunities. Professors and advisors may be able to assist you with possible recommendations. In addition, if you already have a student in mind, there is no need to advertise.

After selecting your candidate, navigate to PEP Central to submit a “Voucher to Hire,” which will electronically route to the supervisor and payroll specialist for signatures.

We require that all “Vouchers” and “Hire Actions” be completed before the student’s start date. The hiring department is responsible for the HR hire action and employment eligibility verification. Be sure to enter the correct funding source allocations of 75% to the PEP project 218075 and 25% to your own project # in the payroll system. The HR Job Code is TSW910.

If Not Approved

You may want to consider utilizing the Federal Work-Study Program to fund positions not approved. The department/college/unit’s responsibility to fund a portion of the student earnings is 25% for that program.

The difference between the Federal Work-Study Program and the PEP Program is that students who work through the Federal Work-Study Program must qualify based on their financial aid application results. If you would like to learn more about this option to employ qualified students, please give us a call or visit the Federal Work-Study Program page.

The calculator below will help determine how many hours a student will be able to work per week during the academic year based on wage rate and earnings limit.

The basic formulas behind these calculators are:

(PEP award amount ÷ Hours per week) ÷ Hourly wage = Weeks allowed

(PEP award amount ÷ Weeks wanting to work) ÷ Hourly wage = Hours allowed

PEP participants are paid bi-weekly. The college/department’s payroll specialist will be required to enter the 75/25 match requirements in their HR system.

Be sure to enter the correct funding source allocations of 75% to the PEP project 218075 and 25% to your own project # in the payroll system. All “Vouchers” and “Hire Actions” must be completed before the student’s start date. All WolfTime entries and approvals must be made by the end of each semester.

You can monitor student earnings and expedite reports in PEP Central. View the section called “student detail” or “department summary.” How to generate an earnings report. The student will also have the ability to view their earnings on their “Student Home Page.”

Contact Information

For questions or concerns about the Provost’s Professional Experience Program, contact Marion Zanga, PEP Coordinator, at 919.513.1887 or, Shawn Smith at, or Krista Ringler at