By Sara Awad – Communications & Marketing

Wolfpack Welcome Week

EMAS partnered with DASA to host Wolfpack Welcome Week, which took place from August 16 to August 24 and featured more than 50 events “to get students connected and involved meeting other students, faculty and staff.” Packapalooza saw the largest crowd, with about 45,000 people in attendance. Downloads for the GuideBook application increased from approximately 2000 to 6000 downloads this year, due to increased promotion of the application. All funding for the events comes from sponsors. “It definitely is a collaboration between the divisions in order to welcome the students,” said Cynthia DeLuca, EMAS Associate Vice Provost.

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By Steven White – Data Research Analyst

This visual display provides an overview of freshman enrollment trends over the past 10 years on a single handout, which is useful for meetings and presentations. By using the spark line feature of Excel, the reader is provided an easy-to-read visual display in addition to the tabular data. The spark lines allow the reader to quickly identify minimum and maximum values within each trend line, and visualize the relationship among the variables over time. Having the actual data in tabular form attached to each spark line provides the reader with detailed information.

The data presented here is used to demonstrate positive trends in undergraduate enrollment that are consistent with the objectives of the university’s 2020 enrollment plan. That plan calls for reducing the size of the freshman class and increasing out-of-state and international enrollments, as well as the academic profile of the incoming class.

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