Fewer clicks, a split screen with a calendar, and intuitive search results are just a few of the elegant features in the new enrollment wizard. EMAS worked closely with partners in Enterprise Applications Systems to develop this SIS-integrated registration tool. The enrollment wizard eliminates the guessing game for students by streamlining the registration process. Students are now able to add classes directly from their planner or from their degree requirements. The search engine can also be filtered to seek classes with open seats that meet a student’s general education requirement, and where the student meets any pre-requisites. Read More

As part of the Strategic Planning process, the Student Success Taskforce identified internal transfer as a persistent problem at NC State. Registration and Records partnered with Enterprise Application Systems, the College of Engineering, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Poole College of Management to create CODA (Change of Degree Application) – a centralized online system for undergraduates to submit requests to change to or add majors. Read More

By Sara Awad – Communications & Marketing

Open House

University Admissions invited prospective students to spend a day with the Wolfpack at this year’s Open House, which took place on October 19 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Registered attendees increased by 200 people this year, which amounted to 9,209 registered participants and did not even account for the possible 1000 to 2000 unregistered attendees at the event.

Going digital

1404 people downloaded the Guidebook application, a smartphone tool which enhances navigation of event schedules by providing a list of information sessions, tours and activities along with their times and locations.  A built-in to-do list allowed attendees to customize their schedules, while the photo album allowed them to capture the memories of their day at the University.  Guidebook also linked to Open House’s pages on Facebook and Twitter, where it “trended”  in Raleigh Saturday. Read More