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Summer Sessions

Want to reward and engage your mind this summer? Enroll in a Maymester course: where academic innovation and intensive engagement meet student success.

What is Maymester?

Maymester is a three-week course taken in May for students who would like an alternative to taking courses during the summer sessions and regular academic year.

2014 Dates and Course Information:

Maymester will take place from May 12th to May 30th. To view all of the available courses and descriptions, please visit:

Why Maymester?

• Gain a unique perspective. The short timeframe means professors must modify their lectures, which typically evoke a more immersive environment for the student that is filled with hands-on activities, and sometimes field trips.
• Make progress toward degree requirements, expand your intellectual life, and/or prepare for study abroad, research or other academic experiences.
• Challenge yourself in a compelling, rigorous environment and learn from tenured and tenure-track faculty who will teach you the values of a high impact educational experience.

What Students Are Saying About Maymester:

“I would consider the most positive aspect of the Maymester experience to be the uniquely condensed time frame. Though it is exhausting at times, I find that in the end it was rewarding.”

“The small class size and long class period allowed for trips outside of the classroom into the community, which allowed us to see what we were learning in action.”

“The condensed time frame was beneficial for this class because we were able to make connections with previously learned material in the class with newer material without having to review or struggle to recall the previously learned information.”

“The most positive aspect of the semester is definitely the ability to immerse yourself deeply in the material to gain a thorough understanding in a shorter time period than is usually required for a full semester.”

“The best thing was the small class environment. It allowed for class to be more of a discussion than a lecture. Also the length of the class allowed for conversations to go much more in depth than in normal classes.”

“I would say that the most positive aspects of the Maymester experience was the concentrated subject matter. Due to time-constraints, a focal point in topics was created. This kept me interested in the topic as everything taught during the Maymester was relevant and could be applied to other things learned.”