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Pre-College Programs

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Summer Programs (preschool, elementary, and middle school)

JC Raulston Arboretum Summer Garden Camps

Summer Garden Camps engage campers in hands-on science lessons; garden investigations; arts and crafts; and fun, energetic games and activities.  For more information, please visit the website.

Design Camp

Design Camp is an annual series of pre-college summer programs offered at NC State University College of Design to high school and middle school students who are interested in design. Design Camp informs students about college study in design and raises awareness of the impact of design in all aspects of our everyday lives. The skills in design thinking and creative experience gained at Design Camp can empower students on their path toward becoming innovative problem solvers and prepare them to tackle the challenges of the future. For more information, visit the Design Camp

Engineering Summer Day Camps

Rising kindergarten through rising 8th graders have fun learning in collaborative groups how engineers help society by solving problems. They get to experience engineering through hands-on, creative investigations and design challenges. New activities are introduced each year, all of which provide a unique perspective on the Engineering Design Process and the Engineering Habits of Mind. Some previous activities have involved designing extreme water slides, solar cities, heart valves, jellyfish, rockets, and many more exciting challenges! For more information, visit the Engineering Summer Programs website.

Summer Programs (3rd-8th graders)

4-H Camp

North Carolina 4-H Camp programs offer campers a great chance to learn, develop life skills and form attitudes that will help them to become self-directing and productive members of society. For more information, visit the 4-H Camp website.

Chinese Language and Culture

“Ni Hao” Wolfpack – Chinese Language and Culture Camp for rising 6th- rising 12 graders
At this interactive camp, rising 6th through rising 12th graders will enjoy a Chinese language and culture camp to help them learn about a new culture and get them excited to communicate with a larger world. The Confucius Institute at NC State University has been sharing Chinese language and culture since 2007 and specializes in community programs. At the end of the camp, we welcome families to come to the final performance to see what students have learned. This camp’s intention is to get your child excited about a new culture or help them continue their interest in Chinese. This camp will provide a taste of Chinese language and culture with Chinese words incorporated into all sessions of the camp.
Visit website for more details.

Signature Student Program Offerings through The Science House

Whether you’re a fourth grader ready to make a pasta tower or are in high school and want to learn more about robotics, The Science House has a program, camp, or activity to fit your schedule. Explore and get involved with program sure to change the way you see your world. For more information, visit The Science House website.

Study Skills Course for Middle School Students

The Study Skills Course focuses on organization, learning strategies, and test-taking skills. The course is one-week long, and students are grouped by grade (6th – 8th). For more information, visit the Study Skills Course website.

Young Writers’ Workshop

Young Writers Workshop is a nonresidential summer program that brings students to the NC State campus to study creative writing. The two-week afternoon workshop focuses on the areas of fiction, poetry, dramatic writing, as well as special topics such as comics. YWW has been serving young artists and their families every July since 1986 and is open to children in grades 4-8. For more information, visit the Young Writers website.

Programs Throughout the Year (3rd-8th graders)

4-H Camp

North Carolina 4-H Camp programs offer campers a great chance to learn, develop life skills and form attitudes that will help them to become self-directing and productive members of society. For more information, visit the 4-H Camp website.

Engineering Bits & Bytes

Engineering Bits & Bytes Days are STEM curriculum enrichment experiences held on the NC State Centennial campus for students in elementary, middle and high school — grades 3 – 12. These are half-day events held once a semester and include age- and grade-appropriate hands-on engineering activities and often a tour of Hunt Library. For high school and older middle school groups, NC State undergraduate engineering students are available for a Q & A session about admission requirements, scholarships, college life, and suggestions on how best to prepare now for the college experience you want. Engineering Bits & Bytes Day events are differentiated by grade bands (grades 3-5, grades 6-8, grades 9-12). Please click here for a sample agenda. Registration is required.  For more information, visit the Engineering Place website:

Engineering on the Road

The Engineering on the Road program brings engineering to life in K-12 schools all over the state of North Carolina. Through interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities linked to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, we illustrate the true nature of engineering — not just the stereotypical view that many people have — to students, teachers and staff. Programs are customized to meet the needs of the school or organization and for small- and large-group events. We even have an engineering road show!  We also participate in other community organizers’ programs, such as math and science nights, career fairs and workshops.  To request an Engineering on the Road visit, you will need to complete the Engineering on the Road Request Form.  For more information, visit the Engineering Place website:

Future City Middle School Engineering Competition

The NC Regional Future City Competition is a statewide program that teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students problem solving techniques through hands-on project- and problem-based learning. Middle School students learn a problem-solving process called the Engineering Design Process (EDP) as they imagine, plan and create cities of the future. Working as a team, students along with an educator and an engineering mentor, plan a city using SimCity ™ software; describe their research and implement solutions to engineering problems via city essays, plan and create tabletop, 3-D, scale models of their cities using recycled materials; and finally, present their ideas before judges at annual regional competitions. For more information, visit the NC Future City website:

Solar House

The primary purpose of the Solar House is STEM education and outreach as well as renewable energy research.  Tours of the Solar House are managed through The Engineering Place at NC State University.  Free educational tours of the house or hands-on STEM activities for groups of all ages are available.  Please schedule your event by completing this online form and someone from The Engineering Place will contact you to confirm your event date and time. Solar House tours are available during the academic year.  For more information, visit the Engineering Place website:

TRIO Talent Search Program

TRIO Talent Search provides programming to middle and high school students. The program’s mission is to provide equal access to quality education and facilitate retention and promotion from middle and high school through college. This program is federally funded and students must meet federal admissions criteria, attend one of the targeted schools, and demonstrate a genuine interest in pursuing education beyond high school. For more information, visit the ETS Program website.

Imhotep Academy

Imhotep Academy introduces under-represented students (African-American, Hispanic, Native American, and Women) in 6th – 8th grades to science, mathematics and technology at NC State University. The program uses laboratory experiments, research projects, classroom instruction, and field trips to introduce students to the rigorous and exciting worlds of chemistry, mathematics, marine, earth and atmospheric sciences, physics and statistics. For more information, visit the Imhotep Academy website.

North Carolina Math and Science Education Network (NC-MSEN) Pre-College Program

The North Carolina Math and Science Education Network (NC-MSEN) Pre-College Program provides year-round mentoring and academic opportunities to under-served students in grades 6-12. The NC-MSEN Pre-College Program spans the state, with locations in nine universities across North Carolina. The program prepares students for college and the pursuit of careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and related fields. NC-MSEN Pre-College Program students are highly successful: 98 percent go on to four-year colleges or universities, and 82 percent choose STEM and education career paths. The NC-MSEN Pre-College Program is an active member of the College of Education at NC State.For more information, visit the NC-MSEN website.