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Pre-College Programs

High school seniors Rickey Smith (left), Buret Bozkurt and Kemeko Fields (right) go over circuit boards as they make radios during camp at Science House. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

Pre-College Programs at NC State University

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North Carolina State University offers Pre-College Programs in a variety of academic disciplines – each aimed at helping students prepare for college while experiencing life at NC State.

Pre-College Programs give students the opportunity to:

  • Develop academic skills
  • Conduct research
  • Investigate careers
  • Build a portfolio
  • Experience college life
  • Prepare for college enrollment

Disciplines include cultural education, design, engineering, leadership, math, science, technology, writing, and more…

Programs are available both during the summer and throughout school year.

This site is a broad overview of the programs available. Each program is linked to a College or service area that provides more detailed information. For inquiries into specific programs please visit the main NC State University homepage and search for your particular interest.