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Congratulations, parents and students, Senior year has arrived! This is an incredibly exciting time for students, parents and families albeit, somewhat stressful. Here are some ways that parents can help their student manage stress and be successful to ensure students finish strong and have a wonderful time doing so.

Career Planning
Parents should discuss with their student his/her plans and direction post-graduation. Career planning is an overwhelming task for students. Reassure your student that they have an extensive network that has been built since freshman year. Encourage them to reconnect with that standout professor who helped them transition; a mentor or tutor that has strong expertise in the work they are interested in; or a colleague they worked with during their internship. Your student has built a support network without maybe knowing, remind them of this and encourage them to tap into these resources to help make big decisions for their future.

Be Supportive
Job hunting is overwhelming.  Now add in managing to balance classes, work, and exams and your student’s ability to multitask is incredible. Although at some point students can begin to feel worn down, understandably. Parents are encouraged to be a positive reassurance and support system for your student. Rest assured they do not want to disappoint and it is their goal to walk across the stage and receive their diploma.  Additional pressure does not help the process. While the common questions parents ask during Senior year are done so with the best of intentions but they can sometimes lead your student to even higher levels of stress. Try to remain that positive reinforcement and reminder to your student of how close they are, and how well they have done, thus far. Encourage them to seek help through the Undergraduate Tutorial CenterCounseling Center, and/or Career Development Center as needed.

Celebrate with your student!
Senior year and graduation is a success for all students but at NC State it is a success made possible by the parents and families as well as the student. Enjoy this time with your student and celebrate your own success as well.

Use Your Resources
If at any point you have a question or need assistance, we encourage you to call our Parents’ HelpLine (919) 515.2441 or email us at