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Parents & Families Services

For most, the biggest challenge Freshman year is the transition. Recognize that this is happening not only for your student but for parents, siblings and sometimes extended family as well. Here are some important notes to take to help support your student.

Transition is Normal
The college transition can change the dynamic for everyone, and while it is an exciting time,  it is important to remember that the cycle of transition can stimulate many questions and emotions.

Your Student is Resilient
Allow your student room to make mistakes and be resilient while keeping abreast of the services and resources available to your student; when and if they are needed.

Encourage Independence
While college is about academic challenge and rigor, there is also a great deal of social and individual growth and gain. There is a unique balance for parents and students to find and what this may look like is different for everyone. Provide your student with the encouragement that fosters the confidence to make decisions while offering a sense of trust and reassurance that it is “okay to make mistakes.”

Stay Engaged and Come Visit (when you’re invited)
North Carolina State University supports and encourages parents to stay engaged with the University and with your student. For this reason, NC State’s Office of Parents & Families Services provides for you various communications and PACK PARENT events that will keep you engaged and informed.

Use Your Resources
With a variety of support options for all students and a university calendar to keep you up to date of special events, we want you to remain connected. If at any point you have a question or need assistance, we encourage you to call our Parents’ HelpLine (919) 515.2441 or email us at