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Parents & Families Services

Parent Pride Points

We encourage parents to become more involved and informed about life at NC State. By supporting your student your student, you are a welcomed part of our Wolfpack community. Student success is dependent on your support and engagement. This is why the Office of Parents & Families Services has collaborated with Student Government and the Student Alumni Association to create for you, Parent Pride Points. An opportunity for parents to share with your student in some of the richest Pack Pride traditions NC State has to offer.

Any parent can earn Pride Points, simply print and track the following list to commemorate each experience you have. Track your experiences with photos, memories and awesome stories of you and your student(s). Parents who complete 18 of get 25 Pride Points can send their list to us via Parents’ HelpLine email address and will be entered into a drawing to win a commemorative gift.


Please Note: You do not have to be the student’s parent to take advantage of Parent Pride Points. NC State Parents & Families Services supports all parents and family members of NC State students. This opportunity is provided to anyone in the student’s family and all are encouraged to participate.