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Parents & Families Services

The Office of Parents & Families Services has forged partnerships with many local and national businesses to offer special savings, at no additional cost, to all PACK PARENTS. This program is the Very Important Parent (VIP) Discount program. New parents of incoming students will receive their free membership packet at the beginning of the academic year and includes the Very Important Parent (VIP) discount card. Keep this in your wallet and simply present their Parents & Families Association membership card to access great savings at participating VIP sites. VIP Partners include area hotels, restaurants, entertainment and service businesses that support and partner with NC State University.

VIP Partners

VIP Membership Card

Members will receive a VIP membership card accompanying the Parents & Families Association welcome packet. The membership card is valid for four years or until the affiliated student is no longer enrolled at North Carolina State University. Although VIP partners and discounts are subject to change annually the card will remain active, so please check the Office of Parents & Families Services website for updates. To request a new card please call the Parents’ HelpLine at (919) 515.2441 or email

We hope you enjoy these savings just for being a proud PACK parent!