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All PACK PARENTS are recognized members of the Parents & Families Association. A PACK PARENT is identified as any NC State student’s primary resource and support. Whether you are the mother, father, grandparent, sibling, partner, friend or primary guardian of an NC State student, you are a consistent source of support and reinforcement that is directly related to your student’s personal development and academic achievements. NC State recognizes this vital role you play in your student’s education and promotes your continued support by collaborating with you through NC State Parents & Families Services to provide you with resources to best help you stay informed and connected to the university and, of course, to your student.

The Parents & Families Association is intended to strengthen the relationship between the Office of Parents & Families Services and NC State parents and families. It is designed to increase our communication with parents and actively involve them in the life of the University. As a member, you are part of our community in a way that promotes the success of the student we all care so much about. In return for your membership, you will have access to valuable programs and services designed specifically to keep you informed and involvedincluding our VIP Discount Program and Parent Volunteer Network.

We Are Committed To Serving All Families North Carolina State is committed to serving all the parents and families of current students. Therefore, all parents have access to the Parents’ HelpLine, the PACK PARENTS newsletter, the Hello, NC State Parents! e-newsletter, a Parent Handbook & Calendar publication (distributed at no cost to all new parents who attend New Student Orientation) and electronic copies of all printed materials.

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For more information or if you have questions, please feel free to call or email the Parents’ HelpLine.