NC State
Parents & Families Services

Emergency Alerts

NC State has a number of communication mechanisms in place to keep both students and parents informed.

Parents and students are encouraged to establish a communication plan in the event of an emergency; write down the Adverse Weather and Emergency Status phone number 919.513.8888 for quick access in the event of an emergency; and follow Parents & Families Services and NCSU Police on Facebook to stay current with status updates. All updates will be posted to NC State’s homepage

Campus-wide Crisis

In the event of a campus-wide crisis, parents may find information via NC State’s homepage at Additionally Parents & Families Services will provide updates via email to parents as appropriate. Parents and family members are encouraged to keep their preferred email address and contact information up to date in MyPack Portal to receive such notifications. Please be sure to “check” the box next to Parent Communications to ensure you are on the list. Those who opt-out will not receive communications of any kind from Parents & Families Services.

Campus Services

North Carolina State University recognizes that college is as much a personal and social growth as well as it is academic. NC State University works diligently to provide many opportunities and activities to keep your student engaged and excited as they go through this developmental process. However, we understand that this transition may not always be easy for students and it can be equally stressful on the parents and families supporting this student. Sometimes knowing what direction to go in; what services are available, or the people around campus who can best be there for your student(s) can seem overwhelming. That is what the Office of Parents & Families Services is happy to offer, a sense of relief in knowing that you can call or email the Parents’ HelpLine and we are here to help you navigate both the good and sometimes the challenging experiences your student(s) may have. To best help you and your student during his/her tenure at NC State you will find a list of many of the resources and service offices in place to best assist your student in any challenging situation.