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The Best Family

The Family of the Year award is a long-standing tradition at NC State, recognizing and celebrating the exceptional support and encouragement our students receive from their families, in any definition that may be for them. Students are invited to tell of the stories and boast of the love and tenacity, that helps to keep them on the path to success throughout their college career.

This year it was Deja Best, a senior transfer student in the College of Natural Resources, with the award winning submission honoring her parents Terressa and Antwanne Best. Having faced obstacles that would re-route many, it was Deja’s family who encouraged her to dig deep and work hard to achieve her goals of attending NC State and once she was a part of the Wolfpack their dedication and support only strengthened. Deja wrote of her family’s commitment and unwavering support in the face of many challenges from taking almost double the requested amount of credits to early morning hot chocolate runs, her parents have been nothing but supportive. Her award-winning essay celebrates all that lives at the heart of the Wolfpack, the love, strength and support of family.

In her nomination essay Deja wrote, “the degree may only have my name on it, but my whole family deserves the recognition for helping me through these last 3 years at NC State.” 

If “the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf” at the heart of the pack lies the love and support that carries our students to success.  

Please join us in extending our congratulations to the Best Family!