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Parents & Families Services

The college experience comes with a lot of to-do lists and sometimes having multiple pieces can be overwhelming. To help navigate you through the process the Office of Parents & Families Services has put together a resource list to include the contact information of some top priority departments and when they can be of most assistance to parents and students.

Accessing Student Records

In order to protect the privacy of students, educational records, such as grades, are considered confidential under a federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA provides students, including those under 18, with two essential rights which bring with them important responsibilities for the student:

  1. Students do have the right to privacy.  North Carolina State University cannot share or discuss records with anyone (including family members) without the students’ permission. This includes grades and tuition statements. Responsibility: Students have the responsibility to share important information like grades, tuition statements, attendance, transcripts, etc. with 3rd parties (such as parents) who have a need or desire to know.
  2. Students have the right to inspect records about themselves that are maintained by the University.Responsibility: Students have the responsibility to pursue corrections and amendments if necessary.

Parents may obtain copies of their student’s records in the following circumstances:

  1. When the student consents. Students may consent for parents/guardians to VIEW their financial
    (billing, payment and tax records) and academic information (class schedule and final semester grades) on line via the University’s MyPack Portal OR student’s may submit to the Registrar, a signed and dated consent form from the student, stating that his/her grades or other specified records may be disclosed to the parents. The student is allowed to revoke this consent at any time.
  2. When the student is financially dependent. (i.e., receives more than 50% of his or her support) from the parent(s). A copy of the parent’s most recent federal tax return (showing the student is claimed as a dependent) must be delivered to the Registrar, along with a request for copies of the student’s grades or other specified records.
  3. In health or safety emergencies, the University may release relevant student records to the student’s parent/guardian.
  4. When there has been an alcohol or drug violation. The University may notify parents of alcohol or drug violations by student who are under the age of 21.

To learn more please visit FERPA for more information about the law, regulations and additional details. We highly recommend that you have a conversation with your son or daughter making your expectations clear about sharing of academic and financial information.


To contact NC State’s Bookstore call (919) 515.2161  or visit any of the links below for more information.

Cashier’s Office

Parents can call the Cashier’s Office at (919) 515.NCSU (6278) for any of the below issues. Please note, parents must be granted parental access to have all information released.

Division of Academic and Student Affairs

The following resources fall within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA). Please note, some information may require parental access for release. 

To check the welfare of a “missing student” who lives on campus, parents should call the office of the Residence Hall in which the student resides. For students who live off campus, please call Campus Police (919) 515.3000.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Student Services FAQ is a 24/7, self-service knowledge base to help provide answers to common questions related to student services.  

Go online to Student Services and ask away! 

MyPack Portal

It is important for parents to have their own MyPack Portal account for easy access to the following:

  • Bill Pay
  • Communications
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Student Grades

We encourage parents to keep all information up-to-date, including email, phone and physical address, to ensure that you do not miss any important news regarding your student and the University.

New Student Programs (NSP)

Located in Peele Hall, New Student Programs addresses the holistic needs of each new NC State student to create a foundation of success. By participating in NSP programs, students should achieve the following outcomes:

  • Academic Success
  • Connection to Campus
  • Community Expectations
  • Transition to the University Environment
  • Student Leader Development 

Learn more about the initiatives and support provided by New Student Programs online at

Registration and Records

Located in Harris Hall, parents can call the office of Registration and Records at (919) 515.NCSU (6278) for any of the below issues. Please note, parents must be granted parental access to have all information released.

Student Health

Student Health Services is located in the University Health Center at 2815 Cates Avenue, (919) 515.2563Please note, some information may require parental access for release. 

  • Appointments and Access
  • Insurance
  • Pharmacy
  • Waiver

If you have not found what you are looking for please contact the Office of Parents & Families Services Parents’ HelpLine at (919) 515.2441 for assistance.