Winter Traditions at NC State

Just like that, spring semester is upon us! Second semester is always a lively time to be on campus for any member of our NC State community. Campus is bustling between starting new class schedules, meeting new students, beginning of an exciting sports seasons, and so much more. One thing, however, that has always remained the same is our NC State winter traditions.

Basketball Season
Undoubtedly, basketball season is an NC State crowd favorite. Excitingly enough, we are currently the 15th seat within the NCAA! With that being said, PNC arena is always packed with thousands of Wolfpack fans. The energy present in the arena is astounding and carries through each game no matter what the score is. Between shouting the fight song, listening to the band, or watching the entertaining halftime shows, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. Students are able to request tickets online ahead of time, so there’s no need to wait in line for hours!

Spring Fling
Pack Parents, this one’s for you! Spring Fling is an annual NC State’s event that is catered to our parents and families. Similar to Parents & Families Weekend, Spring Fling is filled with many different events for you to enjoy with your student(s) while getting to know our community even better. Something that makes Spring Fling special is the PacKIN Action event, which is specifically for NC State students and their siblings. This year Spring Fling is scheduled for February 1-3.

Krispy Kreme Challenge
The NC State student government ranks the as the “number one thing to do before you graduate.” The race began in 2008 as a mere bet between students, today it hosts thousands of racers from across the country. Over the years, this iconic race has raised up to $1.5 million for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital and is estimated to raise another million by the year 2022. The goal of this race is to consume a dozen doughnuts, run five miles, and complete both tasks within an hour. While not everyone necessarily eats all twelve doughnuts, it’s a fun family event and goes towards a great cause.

Court of Carolina Snow Days
Snow days are very popular within the NC State community. Class may sometimes be canceled, but the most exciting aspect is getting to go to the Court of Carolina. Without fail, every time there’s snow, students will all flock to this big, open space for snowball fights, improvised sledding, and snowman building. I cherish the memory of these days because even if the students don’t know each other personally, everyone is able to join together in laughter and fun.

While our campus is beautiful any time of year, I highly recommend visiting NC State during the winter. Our traditions make us who we are, and sharing them with our family members make them even more special.


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