The Role of Service in Spring Fling

Did you know that at Parents and Families Weekend and Spring Fling there are service project components? During Parents and Families Weekend 2019, parents, students, and families participated in a Planting Project alongside the people who take care of the grounds here at NC State. Do you know what our service project was for Spring Fling 2020 just a couple of weeks ago?

Our PacKIN Action event is a time dedicated to students bonding with their younger sibling, cousin, neighbor, niece or nephew, etc. by bringing them to NC State for an evening of fun games, dinner, Admissions information, trivia, a movie in the campus cinema, and more! It is one of our favorite events and it’s personally my favorite as well. This year our service project was having all of our students and younger guests create blankets together. We did this by supplying fabric and allowing them to contribute by tying knots in all of the edges.

We made these blankets to then donate to the UNC Children’s Hospital, a partner that the NC State community loves to serve. If they sound familiar, it’s because the proceeds from the Krispy Kreme Challenge go towards them as well! Our office decided on this project because not only were we donating our blankets to an amazing place, we were also showing our younger Wolfpack members how much we value community and service at NC State. We face things together as a pack, just like how we made the blankets.

We’re so thankful that Spring Fling 2020 was a success and we hope to see you again for Parents and Families Weekend 2020! Keep a lookout on our website for our schedule!

Go Pack!


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