The Finale: Graduating Thoughts from Amanda

NC State has given me some of the best times of my life. I have had so many good memories during my four years at NC State. Even though my time on campus was cut short, I still have so many great things to look back on. As one of the two graduating seniors (shoutout to Ethan Laney!) in the Office of Parents and Families Services (PFS), I will be sharing my reflection with you, Pack Families.

Some of my highlights include: 

  • Giving tours of NC State as a University Ambassador
  • Interning at an RV Campground in Virginia (which I consider to be almost a study abroad experience as it was a complete culture shock for me)
  • Walking around the Brickyard with a goat to raise money for Habitat for Humanity during Shack-A-Thon 
  • Going to a sporting event for almost every Athletics team at NC State (sadly didn’t get to make it to a baseball game…yet)
  • Doing the Krispy Kreme Challenge 3 out of 4 years at NC State
  • Getting my first ever 4.0 GPA for one semester and maintaining my 4.0 major GPA
  • Owning only NC State apparel and my closet not consisting of anything blue
  • Going onto the football field and basketball court during a couple of games
  • Being on ESPN six times during basketball games

I really enjoyed my time at NC State, but there are some things that I wish I experienced.

  • I wish that I used the Counseling Center. There were times that I had mental health concerns personally, I was very anxious and I was just not handling stress well. As a  Resident Advisor, I suggested to my residents that they utilize this resource, but I never used the support services available to help students manage their emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • I also wish that I studied abroad for real. I always joke about how my internship at an RV campground in the middle of nowhere in Virginia was similar to studying abroad, but I wish I did it for real. I tried to study abroad in the summer after my sophomore year, but that trip was canceled. I know I could’ve rearranged my schedule to do it because I became ahead in my classes and I could’ve graduated a semester early.
  • In the current state that we find ourselves in, I sometimes wish that I had just graduated in December and could’ve been done with my undergraduate studies already. That way, my graduation wouldn’t have been postponed. However, I feel this is a good story to tell one day about how it forced me to be resilient.

I am so happy that I had a huge support system at NC State. I had my wonderful advisor and professors, who I could go to at any point in time and talk to them about anything. I have my wonderful parents who were there to support me through all of it. I also had all my friends on campus from classes, student organizations, residence halls, tour teams and the Parent Ally program. I also had my lovely supervisors at PFS that were there to support me through my last two years of college- little do they know they are my references for my job applications and they will be receiving calls.

One thing that is really cool that NC State did for us as graduating seniors is a time capsule. We were able to put pictures and videos and our reflection of our time at NC State into the time capsule which will be in the Memorial Belltower. I think this was a special way to be connected with the university, even though this semester was not what we were anticipating for our final semester. We weren’t really expecting our graduation to be postponed, but NC State gave us something that we will be a part of for years to come. 

I really enjoyed my time at NC State and it saddens me that I will be “leaving.” I wish I knew to say goodbye to my friends when we left campus for spring break in March, but as of right now it is a “see you later.” I also only live 30 minutes away from campus, so it is comforting to know that I can go back at any time. I hope that the next time I am on campus, I’ll be wearing all red and moving my tassel to the other side.

xoxo wolfpack,


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