The Best Places to Study on Campus

NC State University has a beautiful campus with a variety of locations for your student to study. While studying in one’s residence hall is always an option too, I find that it’s often helpful to have a change of scenery. As someone who lived on campus last year, I can personally attest to how helpful it is to have other places to study. When I was in my room in my residence hall, I was more inclined to sit on my phone and procrastinate rather than get my work done efficiently. I quickly realized that when I studied elsewhere on campus, my productivity increased significantly.

Asking your student(s) where they like to study on campus is a great segway into learning about their academic habits and areas of NC State’s campus they enjoy the most. Below is a list of some great places on campus to study that you can discuss with your student.

DH Hill Library
DH Hill Library is a central building on main campus located in the middle of the Brickyard. Since first-year students are required to live on campus, this is one of the most popular study spaces for incoming students due to its accessibility. There are many study spaces that offer different settings such as silent rooms, computer labs, whiteboard table discussion rooms, private study rooms, cubicles and more. As you go up each floor of the library, the degree of quietness increases. Therefore, if your student needs to study in silence, there are plenty of spaces for them to do so. D. H. Hill even has it’s very own coffee shop and Howling Cow ice cream stand for the best study breaks!

Hunt Library
Hunt Library is NC State’s newest library and is located on Centennial Campus. Some students may assume that because it is on Centennial that it is limited to only engineers; however, Hunt Library is widely used by all students, no matter their major. For students who live on campus and don’t have a car, they can easily get to Hunt by taking the Wolfline bus. A great perk of the NC State libraries, in general, is the ability for students to rent a wide range of different types of technology. Whether it’s a laptop, Go-Pro camera, phone charger or even a drone, the NC State libraries have countless resources available for students.

Talley Student Union
Talley Student Union was one of my favorite places to study my freshman year. As someone who enjoys having some ambient noise and natural lighting, Talley was the perfect location for me. The One Earth lounge on the first floor has a lot of open seating and is conveniently located right next to Port City Java for the occasional caffeine breaks. As you go up each floor of Talley, there are many different high top tables, whiteboard tables and other areas for students to get their work done. For those who live on campus, it’s a very easy walk from most residence halls and for off campus residents, Talley has become a mecca for time spent.

Study Lounges
Each residence hall on campus has it’s very own study lounge. They vary according to the residence hall; some have one on each floor, and some just have one on the first floor. These rooms are accessible to any student living in the building and make studying in one’s residence hall very easy. Especially for late nights if your student doesn’t want to walk to the library, they can just walk right downstairs to their own study lounge!

Coffee Shops
There are countless coffee shops on Hillsborough Street that are seconds away from campus! If you live in off campus housing, or just want a change of environment, local coffee shops are the way to go. Some NC State student favorites include Cup-A-Joe and Jubala Coffee. Stepping into these coffee shops, students are guaranteed to see many other NC State students. Not only can students get their caffeine fix of the day, but the subtle ambience makes for a great study space.

With final exams just around the corner, encourage your student(s) to take advantage of these study spaces. Although many students will feel stressed and spend a lot of time studying, remind them that taking a break from studying is important and healthy.

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