The Benefits of Being a Student Employee

Being a college student can already be challenging enough and adding a job on top of your course load can seem difficult, but it is definitely rewarding. There are many advantages to being a student employee while in college that most people are unaware of, and I believe it is important to share these benefits in order to encourage more students to get involved in their careers.

Most companies understand that you are a college student and they are eager to provide the opportunity to help advance your skills while you are pursing your undergraduate degree. It is crucial to get involved with some type of business, company, or organization at some point during your college years because employment enhances professional skills and provides necessary experiences that supply essential knowledge for your chosen career field.

Typically, you will only work a few hours each week, depending on your availability. I work as a Parent Ally Parents and Families Services and the front desk of the Joyner Visitor Center at NC State for around 7 hours each week, and this gives me just enough time in the office to be productive without feeling as if I never have time for other commitments. While in the office, it is important to remain professional and give each assignment or project 100% effort. Even though we are college students, we are still held to the same standard as every other employee and each position requires commitment.

The assignments and tasks that you complete through your job will benefit you in the long run because they will teach you important skills about your career that you did not know you needed until tackling the assignment. Gaining experience that is related to your future career is very beneficial because it allows you the opportunity to have hands-on experience working in a professional setting. Being able to contribute something to my desired career field while still being in college is an experience that I believe every college student should be privileged with.

The primary benefit that comes to mind when thinking of student employment is the compensation, but this seems minuscule in comparison to the rewarding feeling that is given when you complete a project or task. Some employment opportunities are paid, others are not. Experience is valuable, but you cannot put a price on it. However, it is nice to have a financial reward while being a college student because it shows that you are being acknowledged for the work you are putting in outside of the classroom.

Another major benefit of being a student employee is the ability to develop time management skills, which is a necessary skill to possess in the workplace. Balancing classes and work may seem difficult, but it is essential that you are able to manage both. Since it can consume some of your free time, it is important that you are working a job that you enjoy and wish to learn from. The skills you will develop while taking on a position of employment in college are truly priceless, and the opportunities will benefit all college students.

Above all, there are so many opportunities to grow as a person and as an employee. Having a job makes me thankful for my ability to further my knowledge of the career I wish to pursue, and the people I have met have truly allowed me to develop skills that I am passionate about. I believe there are several benefits to being a student employee while pursuing an undergraduate degree, and I encourage everyone that is able to apply for a position to do so!

Our Parent Ally application is open through March 20th, encourage your student to apply!


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