Summer Sessions at NC State

To some students, taking summer classes may seem kind of odd. Isn’t summer supposed to be when everyone takes a break from school work? Don’t people travel, study abroad and work internships? While all of these questions are valid, there are countless reasons why taking summer classes can be a great option for any student.

First of all, summer classes are very flexible. NC State offers different summer sessions, allowing students to choose whether they want to take a 3, 5 or 10-week class. Whether students are working a part-time job, traveling or just have limited availability during the summer, they have the freedom to pick the timeline that works best for them. Maymester is especially cool as you can earn three credits in three weeks! Also, there are tons of online classes offered over the summer, so a student’s classroom can be anything from their kitchen table to the beach. The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of taking summer classes is that it can alleviate stress. If students are worried about a class being especially difficult and time-consuming, it could be beneficial for them to take it during the summer. Students are able to enroll in just one class, giving them the chance to devote their time to one course, lighten their next semester’s workload and not be distracted by other assignments. Additionally, because it’s the summer, many courses have open seats and smaller class sizes, allowing students to get into high-demand classes and learn in a more intimate environment.

Summer is meant for adventure, and summer classes are no exception! In general, there are a lot of unique course offerings during summer sessions. If students are interested in something really specific or want to explore a new area of academia, summer is a great time to do that. Also, if a student is interested in pursuing a double major or a minor, they can start making progress towards those during the summer months! NC State’s Poole College of Management specifically offers a business minor that can be completed by non-business majors over the summer, which is a very popular option among students.

Lastly, summer sessions are practical. Whether you’re a senior needing to graduate on time or an underclassman wanting to complete some general education requirements, summer classes help students reach their goals, no matter where they are in their academic career. For Spring Connect and Transfer students, summer classes can be a smart way to earn more credit toward their major at NC State or catch up if they feel behind. Also, incoming first year students can take part in Summer Start where they move to campus during the summer, take classes and get acclimated to campus before the fall semester begins. The university offers summer housing arrangements, financial aid and more to help make summer sessions more feasible for students. 

So, with all that said, why not take a summer class this year?

Go Pack!


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