My Experience in a Living and Learning Village

When I was going through my college search, I saw a lot of different ways that the school encourages first-year students to connect with one another: seminars, book clubs, orientation, etc. Living and Learning Initiatives are a fairly unique thing to NC State and my experience in the Honors and Scholars Village was invaluable in feeling a connection to campus.

Coming into college, I didn’t know anybody. So, needless to say I was pretty anxious to make friends. Luckily, the Quad (the set of 3 dorms and 1 common building that house the Honors and Scholars Village) was there for me. While first-year students are not required to live in a Village and the Honors and Scholars programs students aren’t required to live in the Honors and Scholars Village, I would recommend to every first-year student to consider living in a Village if there is one that aligns with their interests. Some of the perks of various villages include early move-in, discounted/free tickets to local events on campus and in Raleigh, classes with like-minded students, and countless fun activities throughout the year. They are a great way to make new friends and invest yourself in a topic or lifestyle that interests you. A full list of villages can be found here.

The biggest reason I decided to stay at NC State after a challenging first semester was all the amazing friends that I had made. On my very first night at NC State, I met two amazing friends who I became very close friends with, and by the time the first month was over we added to our group and we are all still friends three years later. From our constant study sessions, Cookout runs, football games, Sunday night potlucks, and so much more, we have always been by each others’ sides and we would never have met if we had not lived in the same Village. I personally found that the Quad gave me everything I was looking for in a first-year college experience and I know that my friends will be by my side, all of us supporting each other until we graduate and beyond.


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