Getting Involved at NC State

One of the MANY beauties at NC State is the ability for students to get involved on/off-campus. The university offers over 600 clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations such as Engineering, Accounting, Dancing, Anime, and so many more are offered through NC State. For me, this was a great way to make friends, keep interests from high school and remain active on NC State’s campus throughout later years as a student.

Finding Clubs/Organizations

As a student at NC State, I found it super easy to join clubs and organizations on campus. I used online resources to research opportunities on campus and contact organization leaders. In addition, I attended many events on campus throughout Wolfpack Welcome Week. One specific event highlighted the different opportunities within the involvement at NC State. These events were helpful to get acquainted with campus, as well as make new Wolfpack friends. Although involvement may look a bit different this year due to COVID-19, organizations on campus are working to provide alternative ways to meet and keep students active during this time.

The Importance of Involvement

Through student involvement on campus, I have valued the networking aspect. When joining a club or organization, students are given the opportunity to meet people they may not have met otherwise. The group of people learns to grow together and form a small community within the large community at NC State. In addition, the involvement of NC State connects you with the faculty on campus as well. Through involvement in the college, you create connections with advisors, professors, and others on campus. These networking factors helped me feel at home on campus and gave me a sense of belonging.

Finally, being involved helped me find new passions within each organization I joined. Being a student can be tough, therefore, finding happiness outside of academics is so important throughout campus life. As a senior at NC State, I have found the importance of taking time for yourself and involving yourself in activities that make you happy.


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