Getting Involved at NC State

NC State offers so many different clubs and organizations that students can be a part of – so many that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what you want to join. In my personal experience, I wanted to be a part of pretty much everything I was interested in and was determined to find ways to balance it all. However, this wasn’t always the case for me…

My First Year at NC State, I was completely overwhelmed by the whole “college thing.” My roommate asked me if I was planning on doing sorority recruitment and I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. Afraid of overwhelming myself, I decided not to get involved with any clubs or organizations my first year, other than being accepted in November to become an Orientation Leader with New Student Programs for the following summer. Working with my fellow OLs and seeing all of the things they were involved with and how fulfilling their college experience seemed because of this, I knew that I wanted to be involved with more.

With Sophomore Year beginning, I took a position as an intern with the Joyner Visitor Center and Parents & Families Services, serving as a University Ambassador and Parent Ally, two student groups that I was interested in joining my first year but didn’t. Shortly after starting the school year and these groups, I joined my sorority and became the New Member Chairman for the remainder of that semester as well as the following two semesters. As if being a part of three organizations wasn’t enough, I was asked to be the Assistant Director of a University Theatre production in the spring semester of my sophomore year, which I gladly accepted. I quickly went from my first year with zero involvement to my sophomore year with so much involvement.

It didn’t slow down with the start of Junior Year. Still the New Member Chairman of my sorority for the Fall Semester and still very active with the University Ambassador program and Parent Ally team, I then was asked to Direct a University Theatre production for the spring semester, with planning and meetings beginning in the fall. Being a Student Director was a wonderful, yet very challenging experience – especially with everything else on my plate (and not to mention trying to maintain good grades!) Once my show ended, I quickly joined the crew team for the next (and last) show of the season, being a wardrobe chief with the costume team.

By the time Senior year rolled around, I was definitely feeling like my college career had been full of valuable experiences and involvement, but apparently I still wanted more… Still a member of my sorority and serving as a university ambassador and parent ally, I added “Undergraduate Admissions Intern” to my list of campus involvement. I was in this role for the entirety of my senior year and loved every second of it! In the spring semester, I also joined the national theatre honor society.

Although I felt over-committed much of the time, I wouldn’t have traded any of my campus involvement for the world! I was able to maintain good grades while experiencing things I was passionate about. Campus involvement is such an enriching part of the college experience and I encourage every student to get involved with at least one club or organization while at NC State. #PackParents, I encourage you to talk with your student about campus involvement and what that could potentially look like, and urge them to visit Student Involvement and look at the extensive list of clubs and organizations online!

Always, Go Pack!

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