Focusing on the GOOD

Over the past few months, life as we know it has become unclear, unknown, and uncertain. The life we used to live has slowly faded away, as we must find new ways to make our lives feel full. We search for meaning and purpose, with fears that our lives may be on a journey of no return. Some fear leaving the safety of their home. Others fear the lack of social interaction, the spread of the virus into their lives, and the unknown future of society.

It’s always GOOD to be home with Mom & Dad!

My Summer of 2020

At the beginning of the year, I decided to work for the Office of Parents and Families Services at NC State, as a summer intern. Thinking I knew what the summer work would consist of, I soon realized I was far from the truth under the given circumstances. Starting in May, I had no idea of how the university would manage events that were originally planned for in-person meetings in the summer season. The continuous tasks of previous summers became non-existent, and soon, transformed into a brand new system. Although this brought many challenges to the office’s annual plans, it also brought strength, unity, and individual growth… especially for me. My summer work with the Parents and Families Office has given me confidence in change and willingness to gain flexibility from week to week. Luckily, my superiors have given me the opportunity to help and gain experience, even if it is a different type of experience from past summers. For that, I am thankful.


During my time in quarantine, it is important to find beauty. Since moving back to the house I grew up in, I’ve learned to cherish these moments with my loved ones. As a senior in college, I would have never ever again pictured myself living with my parents for an extended period of time. It wasn’t how I planned, hoped, or even imagined my summer of 2020. None of us knew what was coming. None of us recognized the tragedies that have been brought to the world. Most importantly, no one was prepared for the change that would be encountered over the time of quarantine and self-confinement. Nobody.

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