End of the Year Reflection: Sophie

After almost a full year working with Parents and Families Services (PFS), I have gained skills that will last a lifetime. I have found comfort in the workplace and I find joy in the beauty of communication. My position as a Parent Ally has emphasized my strengths, weaknesses and how I can grow upon these in my future. For that, I am thankful.

With the struggles and challenges in the beginning of 2020, my job as a Parent Ally at NC State has given me hope. I have created stability in a life full of chaos. I have created happiness in my work with the parents of NC State students. Although this time has been difficult, I find joy within the Parent Ally Team, including our supervisors as well. Working normal weekly hours and team Zoom calls on Monday mornings have kept me on track with my accomplishments in the office. During this time, I found the strength of communication among the team, the university and most importantly, the parents and families of all of our NC State students. My communication skills have transformed and will be utilized in my future career. 

One of my favorite memories from this year is Parents and Families Weekend. It was so fun to be able to help plan an event open to so many NC State families. Working with the team to build this event gave me hope for my future work in this type of position. It was a fun event and I got to spend time with my family afterwards! Skills such as event planning, teamwork motivation and individual confidence were gained during this event with the PFS office. This opportunity gave me a better understanding of how I lead a team, how I hope to refine these skills in the future and how much I love NC State. 

Overall, the opportunity to work with the parents and families of NC State has opened many doors for my experience as a student. This position has involved me in a new community at the university. I have learned not only about the resources at NC State, but also how to utilize these resources and talk about their importance with others. One of my best decisions as a student thus far was applying for and accepting my position as a Parent Ally. I have learned, adapted and changed for the better through my experiences in this role. Thank you, NC State, for giving me this opportunity. Thank you Kerri, Valerie, and the rest of the team for believing in my potential. Most importantly, thank you NC State parents and families for trusting me to guide you through questions, concerns, and many Wolfpack experiences.


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