Diverse Perspectives at NC State

Coming from a less diverse community, I feel that my perspectives had been limited in comparison to others my age.  I had never been exposed to many of the cultures on campus, but sharing ideas and experiences through class, clubs, or just one-on-one settings makes college appealing. I also find it very interesting how everyone learns differently. It is very rare to find someone exactly like you at any university. Everyone is different. Diversity exists not only culturally in education but also through skills and preferences regarding learning goals and ambitions. Coming to NC State, I have had to decipher which learning strategies work best for me. With that, I have realized that my views on education may be different than the person sitting beside me in class and that’s neat really because it can open many doors one might never have opened otherwise. Diversity exists in each class I am enrolled in at NC State but I believe this is one of the most amazing parts of attending the university and the art of being a college student.

As a member of Fraternity & Sorority Like at NC State and a woman in the Panhellenic community, I value diversity. I find beauty in all of my Panhellenic sisters, as each one has something unique to offer to the campus culture. When attending the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute 2019 and the IMPACT Emerging Leaders Retreat with Fraternity Sorority Life 2018, I was surrounded by men and women from other Greek Councils. I was given the opportunity to learn more about organizations different from my own. At the Institute in 2019, I was 1 of 5 from North Carolina within the group of about 150 people. I met people from different states, different organizations, different backgrounds and overall, different reasoning for attending this conference. I was out of my comfort zone surrounded by people I had never met before and that brought growth within myself. I learned from this diverse group of people. I found value in the diversity of the institute. Sometimes, we forget that we all have similar goals, values, and roles in the community; our community.

If I had to pick one of my favorite aspects of NC State, it would be the family and community atmosphere among the people. It is rare for me to walk by a complete stranger who doesn’t smile back at me when walking to class; everyone makes you feel at home. In addition, the opportunities on campus are endless; students are given the ability to find their true calling and passions while looking for success in their future. Never have I ever regretted the decision to attend NC State University. It has changed my life and created a stable environment for me to grow academically, socially, personally, and professionally while gaining knowledge within my chosen major. I do not know what my future holds, but I know I am able to rely on NC State to guide me through my journey.


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