And so it begins…again.

Spring Semester is here and that means students are back on campus, classes are back in session, and it is time to get back into the swing of things. What should that look like for the average college student? I have compiled a list of the things I do to get back into the swing of things.

1. Print all my class syllabi.
I go through and highlight all due dates, attendance requirements, contact information and office hours.

2. Write down all of my professors’ office hours.
In addition to highlighting office hours in the syllabus, I write all the office hours down on a separate sheet of paper that I carry with me the entire semester.

That way, I can see what times I have available to meet with my professors if need be.

3. Put all important assignments and tests into my planner.
This is important to do for every class so you can plan ahead for your heavy weeks. It can be helpful to work ahead when you know you have a lot due in the following week. This really helps me to stay on top of all of my assignments.

4. Ensure I send my correct work availability to my boss.
This ensures that I have left enough time for my classes and the commute in my work schedule. I often also go ahead and send in the dates I know I will not be able to work due to tests, appointments, etc.

5. Buy textbooks.
This is something I like to do after the first week of classes. Unless a professor has emailed and said that it is needed beforehand, I like to make sure the “required” text books are actually required. There is nothing worse than getting to the first day of class and hearing the professor say, “This book is required but we will only use it once this semester.” Textbooks are available in the library for a short-term loan in that case.

6. Check my school supplies inventory.
I go through and make sure I have a notebook or binder for each class. I also check to make sure I have enough pens, pencils, highlighters,  etc. to get me through the semester.

Helpful Tip: I rarely buy new school supplies, in fact, I haven’t bought a new notebook for the last three semesters. I reuse “old” notebooks by either tearing out the leftover unused paper and using it as loose leaf, or if there is a lot of extra paper, I tear out the notes and put them into a separate folder so that the notebook is still usable. Think and Do, ya’ll. It saves money and is good for the environment.

7. Ensure that all meetings and appointments are in my planner.
I make sure I have all my time commitments in my planner at the beginning of the semester, so as things pop up in the following months, I know when I have free time. It helps me to stay organized and on top of things.

8. Do a schedule run-through.
Every semester I go through and make sure I know where all my classes are. NC State is so large that on multiple occasions, I have had to use a GPS to locate a building because I had no idea where on campus it was. It is very stressful to be wandering around 15 minutes before the class starts trying to find the building. Once I ensure I know all the buildings, I make sure I know the classroom locations, just so there are no surprises on the first day of class.

I hope your student will find these tips helpful during the spring semester.

Good luck and Go Pack!

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