NC State
Parents & Families Services

North Carolina State University wants to be your partner in education. We understand that you have a large personal and financial investment in the education of your son or daughter and, thus, in our State. The Office of Parents & Families Services is here to keep you connected and informed; to encourage you to play an active and constructive role in your student. We want what you want, success for your son or daughter, and we welcome you to our NC State family by engaging you in our community in a way that promotes the success of that student we all care so much about.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the North Carolina State University Office of Parents & Families Services to:

  • Recognize parents as natural allies with the University as we seek to help students find success and reach their goals.
  • Nurture the relationships with the parents and families of North Carolina State University students to support students’ achievements and help the University to carry out its mission.
  • Establish cooperative relationships with academic departments and student services to support parents as a vital constituent of the University.

Division of Enrollment Management & Services

The Division of Enrollment Management & Services and the Department of Parents, Families, and Visitor Services provide an extensive supporting network for the The Office of Parents & Families Services which serves a critical function within the division of EMAS.  Parents & Families Services works to nurture relationships between parents, families, and their NC State University students.