Fewer clicks, a split screen with a calendar, and intuitive search results are just a few of the elegant features in the new enrollment wizard. EMAS worked closely with partners in Enterprise Applications Systems to develop this SIS-integrated registration tool. The enrollment wizard eliminates the guessing game for students by streamlining the registration process. Students are now able to add classes directly from their planner or from their degree requirements. The search engine can also be filtered to seek classes with open seats that meet a student’s general education requirement, and where the student meets any pre-requisites.

Spring 2013 Registration using the Enrollment Wizard:

  • 14, 588 students completed a transaction using the wizard
  • 69, 372 courses were added
  • 1140 classes were swapped or edited, a process made much simpler in the enrollment wizard
  • 7318 classes were dropped (now a one-click transaction)

Advising Dashboard

NC State University has developed an Advising Dashboard to provide advisors quick access to a comprehensive student academic profile. The dashboard centralizes information related to advising, progress toward degree, student success and early warning.

Features of the Advising Dashboard:

  • Provides a consolidated academic profile of every major the student has declared with links directly to the degree audit, transcript and enrollment history for an individual student.
  • Displays performance and behavior indicators including academic standing, class rank, late class drops, withdrawals, course repeats, participation in study abroad, and student group membership.
  • Includes highly visible graphical representations of expected versus actual progress toward degree based on the student’s terms of enrollment and degree requirements.
  • Provides graphical displays of total GPA and semester GPA over the student’s entire career so that total GPA trends as well as individual semester downturns or spikes can be easily identified.
  • Integrates NC State’s online Academic Progress Reports, the university’s early warning system which allows faculty to submit student progress reports throughout each semester.
  • Defines critical path courses for each undergraduate major. The critical path includes key “gateway” courses that are indicative of academic success in the major and/or are prerequisites for higher level subject matter. The critical path is linked to the 8-semester display for each major to provide a visual indicator on the dashboard (i.e. a big red ‘X’) when a student is “off-path” and not progressing toward a four-year degree completion. A review of critical path course completion will, hopefully, lead to additional summer course offerings and enrollments as students choose to use summer to get back on-track for degree completion.
  • Provides a section for advisors to record and email comments, instructions and advice to students.