By Sara Awad – Communications & Marketing

Open House

University Admissions invited prospective students to spend a day with the Wolfpack at this year’s Open House, which took place on October 19 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Registered attendees increased by 200 people this year, which amounted to 9,209 registered participants and did not even account for the possible 1000 to 2000 unregistered attendees at the event.

Going digital

1404 people downloaded the Guidebook application, a smartphone tool which enhances navigation of event schedules by providing a list of information sessions, tours and activities along with their times and locations.  A built-in to-do list allowed attendees to customize their schedules, while the photo album allowed them to capture the memories of their day at the University.  Guidebook also linked to Open House’s pages on Facebook and Twitter, where it “trended”  in Raleigh Saturday.

Tailored to you

University Open House was a unique experience in which prospective students and their parents can got a taste of the University at their own leisure. University Admissions did not assign a set schedule to attendees, allowing them to make their open house experience whatever they chose it to be.


Like a trip through the Free Expression Tunnel, there were no limits to what those who partook in Open House discovered, but University Admissions did provide recommendations for how they might make the most of their experience given the small time frame they had. Recommendations included a visit to the bookstore, touring the libraries and a residence hall, and attending one of the many academic information sessions offered on that day.

New this year

For the first time guests gained entry to both the new bookstore in Wolf Ridge and the Hunt Library. Library staff stationed throughout the building interacted with guests who chose to make stops there while on their Open House journey.

The preparation

Visitor Center Director Stacy Fair applauded the efforts of the entire University community for making Open House another “great success.” A committee composed of representatives from every college, as well as many university services across campus worked since June to provide a memorable experience for prospective students and their families.  “Everybody comes together for this one event, spending a great deal of time and effort to make it a success,” Fair said.  Surveys distributed to all registered guests will provide feedback while planning for Open House next year, ensuring “the offerings available continue to grow” as they have done in the past.

Beyond NC State

While participants could explore both Centennial and Main Campus, University Admissions also highlighted on their website other places of interest in the Raleigh area, like the annual State Fair, as both events usually fall on the same weekend.