The Class of 2017  is already raising eyebrows with their academic achievements even before stepping into a classroom this fall. With the highest weighted average GPA of 4.43 and combined average SAT scores of 1828, they are setting the bar high for academic success.

In 2013, NC State University received more than 21,000 undergraduate admissions applications, an increase from the previous year. With acceptance rates declining, the University is making headway with the recruitment of stellar individuals that will make a difference in the classroom. 

The Class of 2017 achieved high marks before even entering the University this fall. NC State received more applications than ever before last year, but decreased the percentage of accepted students.

A Few Statistics…

Class of 2016 Class of 2017
20,000 applied 21,000 applied
50% acceptance rate 46% acceptance rate
4.37 average weighted GPA 4.43 average weighted GPA
1797 SAT average (critical reading, math and writing) 1828 SAT average (critical reading, math and writing)

Setting Goals

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions hopes to create a more geographically diverse student body in the future and is already making strides towards the achievement of that goal. Through extensive recruitment activities, which focused on enrolling out-of-state students, the University witnessed increasing out-of-state growth for both 2012 and 2013.


University Admissions:

  • launched a new website
  • revamped social media
  • introduced a self-reported academic record, which sped up the admissions process and assured students that the University received their transcripts

Looking Forward

Undergraduate Admissions has their focus set on next year’s incoming class and had undergraduate applications available for students early September.