Students registering for classes during New Student Orientation.

By Holly Swart – Associate Registrar

Each July, representatives from Registration and Records assist students as they navigate through the Enrollment Wizard in the Student Information System (SIS) during orientation. Administrative staff get to see, first-hand, how thousands of students interact with this system. Registration and Records staff meet with liaisons from all the academic departments on campus and gather feedback about their experiences with NC State’s SIS.

The issues and comments received during new student orientation registration labs are filtered through the Registration and Records management team, and those identified as true system issues, or comments that might lead to improved functionality, are forwarded to the SIS development team. Several such items were identified during the 2013 orientation registration labs:

  • Students were confused by the way wait-listed classes displayed on their enrollment calendars
  • Distance education classes were labeled in such a way that they appeared to last all day long on the students’ enrollment calendars
  • Students could not see their wait list position on their class schedule within the Enrollment Wizard
  • Departments asked for a modification to the wait list process so that if a student was administratively added to a wait list for a closed section, the wait list process would recognize that override and enroll the students into the class when a seat opens, rather than dropping the student from the wait list.

These comments and suggestions have already led to system modifications, or are currently under review.